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Santa Barbara County Courthouse

1100 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara California 93121 USA


Views: 1820


About Santa Barbara County Courthouse

Since 1850 this site has been the home of local government and a place of civic pride and celebration. Visitors from around the world come to see the courthouse, mural room or grounds; and hundreds get married in the Mural Room or in the Garden every year. The County Board of Supervisors caused the construction of this, now historic courthouse in 1926, after the smaller Greek-Revival courthouse was damaged in an earthquake of the previous year. The building was dedicated on August 14, 1929 with a ceremonial setting of the bronze medallion provided by the Native Sons of Golden West, with the mixing of the ingredients of water from each of the California Missions; with sand and gravel from each of the counties in California; and cement from local sources; all on the main stage with a packed crowd of residents and visitors looking on during the 1929 celebration of Old Spanish Days.

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